Become a franchise partner

One for all, all for one

Your new professional opportunity with Jobstaff!

Become an independent license partner under the „umbrella of – Franchise Partner“ and use our know-how. Your new professional opportunity – not sometime – but now! 

Your entry requirements should be:

  • Completed vocational training + continuing training

  • Industry knowledge

  • Several years experience 

  • Experience in the field of recruiting

Social skills such as:

  • The ability to work in a team, negotiating skills and the ability to work innovatively but also conceptually are also important prerequisites

You want to enter into a license partnership with us – we provide you with:

  • the necessary work material (e.g. for master data management, preparation of offers, order completion, invoicing and dunning, etc.)

  • Connection and use of the portal web portal

  • extensive training at the company’s headquarters

  • the possibility of using our network of competent partners (tax advice, IT experts, web designers, financial service providers, business information services or lawyers / legal advice)

  • corresponding contract documents (regulate the cooperation between you and the subcontractors or customer & subcontractor) and various work materials, 

We are waiting for you! Find out more and take your chance.

Setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung

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