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General terms and conditions for mediation & co


The general terms and conditions of the company portal are clear and concise: We ask our business partners to inquire immediately if there are any questions of interpretation before the conclusion of the contract. We are convinced that clarity on both sides is the best basis for future cooperation

​ ​ 1. General
The company Portal takes over the recruiting and selection of permanent employees for you. Furthermore, we offer you various services in the field of personnel management.

2. Personnel selection on a mandate basis
The search process is explicitly assigned to on your behalf. The resulting mandate fee includes a comprehensive analysis of the position to be filled and your environment. In addition, advertisements on the Internet for 4 weeks, the preselection of possible candidates and 1 to 3 personality analyzes of the two favored applicants are included. Assessments and advertisements in the print media will be billed additionally.

3. Recruiting on a success basis
In the event of success, i.e. when the contract is concluded with an applicant recommended by us, we charge a flat rate for our advisory and mediation activities on the basis of the success-fee scale below.

4. Guarantee of success
If the contract between the new employee and the client is terminated, we will credit 60% of the invoiced fee before the start and during the first month, 40% during the second month and 20% in the third month. A cash refund will only be made if there is a written agreement between the client and If the fee is not paid within 30 days of invoicing, there is no right to reimbursement. If a permanent position takes place within a fixed-term assignment of up to 6 months, a flat-rate fee is agreed upon by mutual agreement

5. Fees
In the event of success or in the conclusion of a mandate, we charge a flat rate for our consulting and mediation activities according to the following percentage scale of these terms and conditions. The minimum fee, e.g. for part-time staff, is based on the fee rates, but at least 11% of the gross annual income excluding VAT …

The basic fee has to be paid in advance. It cannot be reclaimed. The additional expenses are offset against the cost of ownership. The percentage consulting fee is only charged after the conclusion of a contract between the customer and the candidate.

The fee will be invoiced when an employment relationship is established. Regardless of the work resp. Start of contract. The basis for calculating the fee rate is the gross annual salary including the 13th monthly salary including bonuses, commissions, or Target income, expenses and wage increases in the first year of service. Applied to the calculation base on the projected gross annual salary. If a company vehicle is made available, this will be taken into account with a value of CHF 10,000.

If the company creates several jobs at the same time, each individual placement is to be remunerated in accordance with the aforementioned conditions. Special agreements as well as exclusive contracts require the written form between you and the company portal.

​ The contact and the personal conversation are non-binding and free of charge. Additionally requested services such as a personality analysis, expert opinion etc. are listed separately according to effort in the invoice. The fee calculation is transparent for the customer.

Mandate order success fee

GG: 6,000 gross annual wages

BH: 13% * 130,000 CHF EF: 18%

GG: 5,000 gross annual wages

BH: 12% * 100,000 to 129,999 CHF EF: 17%

GG: 4,000 gross annual wages
BH: 1 0% * CHF 75,000 to 99,999 EF: 15%
GG: 3,000 gross annual wages
BH: 8% * up to 74 999.- CHF EF: 12%
​ = All executives including doctors (from specialist) 18% of the gross annual salary

GG = basic fee EF = success fee
BH = consulting fee

6. Payment terms
We assume and thank you that you pay fees, advances and advertisements within 10 days of invoicing strictly net.

7. Final provision
If a customer hires a person suggested by us within 12 months of the last contact, we are entitled to claim the corresponding fee. Even if further contacts are not explicitly established by us.

8. Duty of discretion
We are committed to absolute discretion; information is only forwarded with the express consent of the customer or the applicant.

​ The customer undertakes to establish contact with candidates exclusively through us and not to obtain any reference information without prior agreement. The application dossiers made available are confidential.

9. Place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is Zurich

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